Why Choose To Have An
Independent Survey?

There are hundreds of companies that offer a ‘Free Survey’. Unfortunately, the reality is that you are just being offered a ‘Free Quotation’.

Time and money is spent to provide that service and it is understandable, that it is in the interest of the operative to find areas that require treatment to offset the cost of making the visit and supplying the quotation. Furthermore, many of the surveyors and specialists that work on behalf of damp proofing companies are paid a commission that is usually calculated as a percentage of the total value of the works carried out. This should cause us to question the impartiality of both the survey and the surveyor. In addition to this, the recommendations that are made are quite often based on the sale of a product that the company stock, when frequently the problems can be addressed using other methods which can be both less invasive and also less expensive.

The prolific practice of the above has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary chemical treatments and damp proof coursing and has sadly caused a general feeling of mistrust and scepticism towards the industry as a whole.

A safer and often cheaper alternative is to pay a PCA trained and qualified independent surveyor to carry out an inspection on the property whereby you will attain a completely impartial report with advice and recommendations aimed to resolve the root cause of the problem with a view to sustainably preserving the building for years to come.

Independent surveyors have no commercial interest in the treatment prescribed and they are not subject to sales targets. They offer a specialist surveying service and have no commercial link or interest with any organisations or individuals that derive profit or gain from the undertaking of building preservation work. They are also bound by a Duty of Care that is instilled in them by the progressive training that they have undergone through the PCA ensuring that a proven level of competency and quality is constantly maintained. You will usually pay a fee for their service but frequently the advice given by an independent surveyor is far more cost effective and sometimes less invasive than the standard damp proof coursing and chemical treatments provided by companies offering free surveys.


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