How I work

As a trained and qualified surveyor of dampness and timber defects in buildings, I am able to provide a completely impartial and unbiased survey in respect of dampness, condensation, timber infestation, or basement conversions.

I will usually only make one appointment in a day allowing to me to spend as much time as necessary on ascertaining all the information I need in order to reach a conclusion.

My investigations are usually non-invasive unless permission has been given by the owner of the property to expose areas should this be necessary. If you happen to be on site at the time of my survey I will talk you through my findings before compiling a report that will be sent to you by email a few days later.

My fees start from £180.00 and are based on:

  • Site location
  • Size
  • Access arrangements
  • What sort of survey is required.

Please call me on 07790 858 386 or email me at and I will send you a written quotation once the full scope of the survey has been established.


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Timber Preservation

If you have any concerns over woodworm or fungal attack in timbers in your property it is important that you seek the correct advice. There are many different types of rot and insects that feed on timber and various methods of treatment appropriate to each species. Not all insect attack or fungal decay requires the same extensive treatment that is perhaps necessary when eradicating Common Furniture Beetle or Dry Rot.

An incorrect diagnosis can result in expensive, disruptive and more importantly unnecessary building works. As an independent surveyor, I am free from sales targets and am paid no commission therefore my advice to you will be aimed at solving the problem as opposed to generating a profit. If remedial work is necessary then you will receive a detailed report along with a prescription for curing the problem.

Where the structural integrity of the timbers have been affected, replacement along with fungicidal or insecticidal spray treatments may well be necessary. It is however, important to bear in mind that some species of wood attacking insect and fungi do not require chemical treatment and it is for this reason that correct identification of the invading organism is paramount.

This was incorrectly diagnosed as Dry Rot. It is in fact Wet Rot which requires less extensive treatment.

A competent surveyor should hold the C.S.R.T qualification which ensures he or she has the knowledge and skills which are vital in identifying, resolving and reporting on problems relating to timber, damp or decay in buildings. Coupled with this qualification I have been working as a surveyor within the remedial industry for over 10 years, and have carried out over 12,000 surveys to date, providing me with the requisite experience in order to make a considered and evaluated judgement.

If you have any concerns then feel free to email me or call me for a chat or alternatively fill out form at the bottom of this page.

Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans)

Pre-Purchase Survey

If you are in the process of buying a house, you may find that your Homebuyer’s Survey or RICS Survey or mortgage lender has come back advising that you need to contact a damp and timber specialist before exchanging contracts and that the surveyor or contractor must be a member of the PCA (Property Care Association) or BWPDA (British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association).

At this point many people will do an internet search and quite often choose from the first few companies at the top of the search page which inevitably are the large companies that offer “Free Surveys”.

The advice that these companies are offering is not objective or impartial. Instead it is geared towards selling you expensive and invasive chemical treatments and damp proof courses which are often not necessary at all.

Ideally, your survey should be carried out by someone that is suitably trained and qualified with no vested interest in the results of your survey. An independent surveyor will only be concerned with solving the issue by establishing the source of the problem and offering you the correct remedial advice.

Damp Related Issues

There are numerous causes of dampness in buildings and quite often, damp proof coursing as sold by contracting companies is not always the cure. By carrying out a thorough investigation I will provide you with a detailed report that explains to you where there are problems and also more importantly where there are not. Misdiagnosis of a damp problem can cost thousands of pounds along with the invasive and messy works which can cause upheaval and upset for the people living in the property.

A minimum requirement for anyone investigating dampness is for them to hold the C.S.R.T qualification. This ensures that they can demonstrate a general understanding of dampness in buildings while at the same time exercising a duty of care to the client.

Rising Damp or Condensation?

Dampness in buildings can be caused by the following:

  • Penetrating moisture as a result of rainwater ingress via defective guttering, roof coverings, external fabric of building
  • Rising Damp
  • Condensation
  • Salt contamination or Salt Damp

I’m happy to have an initial conversation with you in order assess some of the damp issues you are experiencing or you can also email me ore click Get In Touch tab at the bottom this page.

The client had been told they had rising
damp but this was a 1st floor window!

Basement Waterproofing

If you are looking to convert an existing basement or cellar into a dry and habitable space, as a qualified C.S.S.W, I am able to design and advise you on how to achieve the most effective form of waterproofing system suited to your individual needs.

BS 8102 is a British Standards technical document that outlines the best practice when planning a basement waterproofing design. I am fully aware of the requirements of this code of practice and can ensure that any design is fully compliant with its recommendations.

It is important to keep in mind when undertaking such a project, that while cost is a factor to consider an incorrectly installed/designed system will most likely result in a failure.

Typical London vaulted cellar

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence often due to a lack of product knowledge and a non adherence to the code of practice mentioned above, traditionally resulting in costly and

Make sure that you achieve a dry, warm and more importantly waterproof accommodation with the peace of mind that someone with the appropriate training and experience has been involved with the project from the design stage.

Feel free to call or email so we can discuss any ideas that you have for waterproofing a below ground structure or simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Cavity drainage membrane waterproofing


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